Women and family owned


Materials free of BPA, parabens, toxins and harmful chemicals for child safety and a healthier home.


Eco-friendly products with emphasis on reusable and recyclable to reduce waste.

Ethically Sourced

We support small, independent makers & artisans who produce thoughtful, high-quality goods.

See what our customers say!

"I am in love with all the products we have purchased. I really love the wraps; an added bonus is all the cute designs! I am so thankful for the research GigiBees has done."

Brandi C.

"It totally works! Looks super comfy, and our little guy has never slept better!"

Mollie A.

"We love the SleepyKoala! Head rest feels super soft and comfy. All moms out there, this is a must-have!"

Karen J.

"Thank you for how quickly I received GigiBees. I bought them to give as birthday gifts for my daughter in laws. I loved seeing the birthday smile and be thrilled about her gift. The fun colors were an extra bonus.

Carol W.

"Super satisfied! We have it with us anywhere we go. Our little one gets super calm when laying down on it."

Johanna B.

Gigi Says...