Maker Spotlight: Early Development Activity Mat

I remember when my daughter was born, 30 years ago. (Wow, has it been that long?!) At the time, black and white baby mobiles and toys were all the rage, being touted for their better ability for infants to focus on them clearly.

In the way that many great, classic ideas come full circle, such developmental products are again trending for babies. A great example is the black-and-white early development activity play mat that is uniquely designed in an acorn shape and made of safe, eco-friendly material. 

Wee Gallery's Acorn Quilted Playmat is a design-friendly and practical must-have for new babies. The soft and cozy matt is acorn-shaped and boasts a black and white, high-contrast design along with a quilted grey opposing face.

The quilted playmat's textured details help "stimulate tactile exploration" while its black and white high-contrast design helps with "sensory stimulation and developmen." Additionally, the activity mat is handcrafted using a blend of organic cotton and Oeko-tex polyester padding, measuring 35" x 45" in size.

Acorn Quilted Baby Playmat

This wonderful mat is crafted by one of our favorite family-run independent artisans, Wee Gallery, and hitsthat sweet spot that combines early brain development and learning with fun and play. The generous size and fill make this a perfect surface for babies to explore upon, and an attached crinkle toy leaf provides even more sensory stimulation and development.

It's also super practical — it's easy to roll up and travel with, and is sold with a reusable canvas handle for convenient transport. The playmat is also easy to store when not in use and is machine washable. And I LOVE that it's so design-forward and would look stylish in any decor, if you don't want everything to be baby pastels or bright, loud colors.

I love the makers' story as much as I do their products. Wee Gallery is run by Surya, a graphic designer, and Dave, a teacher. This is what they have to say about the idea behind their products, which came from their own parenting experience:

"We were fascinated by the idea of helping our baby’s brain develop by literally playing with visuals. We discovered as motor skills develop, babies, start to grab the cards to look at them. As you tell stories for each animal, your baby may listen and look, starting to turn the card again and again. Eventually, he’ll start to be able to point out each animal as you name them."

They also make an equally beautiful Explore Quilted Playmat, featuring a delightful "through the woods" design and is reversible.

Explore Quilted Baby Playmat

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