GigiBees is run by a mother and daughter team. The mom, Shelley, is also known as "Gigi" to her two young grandsons. Daughter Chandler (mum of said grandsons) is the "Queen Bee" who handles our social media.

As parents ourselves, and a women and family owned company, finding the highest quality products that are safe for our children and home is our number-one priority.

Together our goal is to help other parents out and make life as a parent easier — as well as helping families create healthy, safe, toxic-free homes that are as low-waste as possible. Our collection is carefully curated and hand-selected to reflect the following values, which are an intrinsic part of our mission.

 GigiBees family

Shelley, aka Gigi, with her two grandsons

Our Values:

Wellness  Wellness

Every item we carry is crafted from top-grade materials, free of plastics, parabens, toxins and other harmful chemicals, for child safety and a healthier home.

Sustainability   Sustainability

We are dedicated to the values of environmental responsibility, and look for products that are reusable, rather than single-use disposables. Many of our eco-friendly products are made from recycled materials, and are themselves recyclable or reusable to reduce waste.

Ethically Sourced   Ethical Sourcing

We support small, independent makers & artisans who produce thoughtful, high-quality goods. We seek out suppliers that are also small companies, as well as products that are made in, and/or sourced from, the United States. Many of our suppliers are also family-owned enterprises. Fair trade is important to us.
    Everything we do at GigiBees revolves around these values. We pride ourselves on our mission of providing products for the family and home that are eco-friendly, sustainable and long-lasting. 

      From our family to yours, welcome to GigiBees!